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How Much Does It Cost To Shingle Roof

Dec 11


Homes with flat roofs are often considered to be less attractive than homes with gable or hip roofs. While there is nothing wrong with having a flat roof, you might need to have the shingles replaced from time to time, as they will wear out over time and tear apart at the seams. This guide on how much it costs to shingle a roof covers all of the factors that go into determining just how much it will cost to repair or replace your roof shingles, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth repairing the roof.

Shingle Roof Cost

With the right roofing materials, proper installation, and attention to weatherproofing, your roof can be your home’s most important protector against the elements. But it’s also an essential part of your home’s resale value and overall durability, so knowing when and how to repair or replace it should be on every homeowner’s to-do list. Let’s take a look at the costs associated with shingling your roof, from labor costs to the type of materials to determine how much it costs to get the job done right the first time around. So, some steps are following which will help you to find it.

Step 1: Determine Which Materials You Need

Before you can figure out how much your roof will cost, you need to know which materials you’ll need and how much of each material will be required. If it’s an older roof, for example, there may be existing materials that can be reused, while new shingles might be required if it’s a newer roof. In either case, get estimates from local vendors and purchase any materials you don’t have on hand.

Step 2: Measure The Length Of Your Roof

You’ll need to measure your roof length to make sure you buy enough shingles. Measuring is easy. Just add up all of your roof’s sides and divide by 43 (which is one full bundle of shingles). If you have a multi-level home with a shed or two, be sure to consider that as well. This will save you from having too many shingles left over at the end, which means wasted money.

Step 3: Estimate The Number Of Panels You Will Need

The formula for calculating how many panels you’ll need is L (Length) x W (Width) ÷ 300 = Quantity. For example, if you have an (8 x 20)foot roof, then your formula will be 8 feet x 20 feet ÷ 300 = 80. So you will need 80 panels to cover your roof properly. 

So, Ask these questions yourself.

  • How Many Panels Do I Need? 
  • How Many Shingles Do I Need?
  • How Many Roofing Panels Do I Need? 
  • How Many Tiles Do I Need? 
  • How Many Roll Roofing Do I Need? 
  • How Many Square Feet Of Tile Do I Need? 
  • How Many Square Feet Of Roll Roofing Do I Need?


Step 4: Subtract The Total Price From The Price Of An Estimate

The easiest way to calculate what you’ll pay is to look at prices, subtract one price from another, and multiply by 100. Let’s take an example: If a new roof costs $2,000.00 and it’s being replaced by your local contractor for $800.00, then you will save $1,200 on a brand-new roof.

Step 5: Calculate How Many Panels You Need Per Side

Now that you’ve determined how many square feet of roofing you’ll need and how many shingles are in each bundle, you can use these two pieces of information to figure out how many bundles you need. Assuming your shingles are 3-tab, 24-inch by 48-inch, with a 7.25 square foot coverage area per bundle, then you will need: (Roof Size) x (Sq Ft Per Bundle) = Total Sq Ft Of Roof Area For 1 Bundle.


Step 6: Determine Where You Can Cut Costs

The easiest way to find out how much it will cost to shingle a roof is to talk with local Rochester shingle roofing contractors about doing your project. You can use cost estimators for help, but keep in mind that these estimates only give you a rough ballpark figure. Another helpful tactic is comparing different materials and finding what is going to best fit your budget. These are just some quick ideas on where you can start. One of the main keys to being able to cut costs when hiring a professional Rochester shingle roofing contractor is setting aside enough time for yourself so that you do not feel rushed. Take into consideration things like how long does it take them to get their equipment set up or what happens if there’s bad weather? etc these questions may seem small but they can add up quickly and change your total job price if not answered ahead of time.

Summary And Conclusion

Before you get started on your project it’s important to make sure you have an estimate of what your total costs will be as well as an understanding of how these costs can vary depending on some circumstances. 

One thing you should note is that our numbers above come from working directly with several professional roofing companies in Rochester NY. They included the best quality materials available and were fairly priced for homeowners looking for a warranty to not have any more expensive future issues needing fixing down the road; all things we’d expect from any top-notch business in their field.