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New Improved Supex Caravan Rafter for Roll Out Awnings

Oct 9

Roof rafters are caravanning essentials if you do not want to be rolling up your awning in the middle of the night due to wind flap.

Roll Out awnings are a fabulous invention, but when the wind picks up you will get flapping of the vinyl. Not only is this noisy and annoying but a strong gust can damage your awning.

A caravan rafter braces your vinyl, adding tension to your awning that supports the awning and stops uncontrolled flapping.

Not only will a rafter prevent wind flap but will also stop the other major cause of awning damage - water pooling. A rafter provides the structural integrity to allow water to slide off.

Supex produces Australia's most popular curved rafters for Roll Out awnings, and new to the market is Series 3 of their ever-improving flagship product.

New for Version 3.0 is the Stainless Steel & Glass Filled Nylon molded rail end (which inserts into the bracket provided). This significantly increases the strength of the most vulnerable part of the rafter while also reducing rattling noise in windy conditions. Also added is a hexagonal molded knob insert which stops the screw part of the knob from coming loose if the seal with the plastic breaks.

The Supex awning rafters already have many key features & advantages over their competition including:

  • They come with a white powder-coated bracket (to match your caravan's wall);
  • A rounded top surface to protect your awning from wear when the rafter is in place;
  • The rafters are thicker and stronger while still being lightweight;
  • They feature a large round tightening knob, which is less likely to break if dropped;
  • The rafters are finished in powder-coated pure white (not cream like many other brands);
  • Powdercoat thickness is also greater than the other universal rafters that we've inspected

Suitable for most caravan and RV Roll Out awnings including Sunburst, Carefree, Dometic and A&E, Supex curved roof rafters are used to keep the vinyl roof from sagging, ensuring 100% water run-off as well as keeping the fabric tight and reducing wind flap.

Did you know awning damage is the most common type of insurance claim within the RV industry? Curved roof rails were introduced to help overcome these two common problems experienced by caravanners with Roll Out awnings.