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Nobbys Beach

Jun 17

About Nobbys Beach

The most popular beach in Newcastle, Nobby's is a haven for families and people learning how to surf. It has great facilities with barbecues available if you want dinner cooked on-site or just some alfresco cooking while your kids play sports games nearby!

The beautiful, sandy beaches of Nobbys Beach offer a variety to the area. Whether you're looking for family time or just want some peace and quiet in an urban setting - this could be your spot! Newcastle's favourite beach, Nobbys is a family-friendly spot for swimmers of all ages. It also offers some great viewpoints that allow you to take in your surroundings while enjoying an ice cream or coffee from one of those kiosks nearby!

Nobbys Beach

What to do at Nobbys Beach

The perfect place to spend the day, Newcastle's Nobbys Beach is a popular swimming spot for family groups and those learning how surf. A bonus about this beach are its kiosks that offer coffee cakes--fish & chips (and burgers) fresh from local fishermen!

The best way to enjoy this scenic stretch of land is by taking in all that it has for yourself; whether you are looking forward or behind. Make sure not only do I mention the break-wall, but also check out what lies beneath including some historic lighthouses which proudly watched over our beautiful city until newer more technologically advanced ones took their place centuries later!

Newcastle's premier beach, Nobbys is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. It offers something to suit everyone from families looking to spend time in the water too deep for their own good or those who just want some peace of mind when they go swimming; to surfers learning how it feels on the other side before taking off themselves (you'll never look at waves quite same way again); dolphins that come here every day after work because this place has vending machines! With facilities including a cafe + kiosk selling coffee/cakes+fish&chips+burgers .

Nobbys Beach NSW

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

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