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Orion Lagoon

May 17

About Orion Lagoon

The Orion Lagoon is a perfect place for families looking to enjoy some quality time together. The large swimming area and shallow waters make it easy enough that even little ones can play alongside adults, while there are plenty of amenities like stepping stones or water squirts available if you want an added challenge!
The 3km long lagoon stretches along side Robelle Domain Parklands playgrounds - also the home base from where we run tours through this amazing city parkland (and reserve). With 600m depth at its deepest point plus 50 meter lap lane.

There are also areas specially designed so kids can have fun without getting too tired out; it's perfect after school hours. The Lagoon Orion water is designed for small children as it features an elongated section that allows them to play safely while still getting some good old-fashioned wetting themselves!



What to do in Orion Lagoon

The many water features at Orion Lagoon make it a perfect place for family vacations. With shallow pools and lagoons, kids can splash around without getting too wet while adults enjoy relaxants by sitting on floating seats or fishing from one of their boats with rods and lines!
The whole group will have plenty to do during these visits; there's an extensive list that includes surfing lessons ( beginners only), swimming races against the clock [or] just relaxing under Australia’s favourite umbrella tree--the massive freshwater dub offshore island.

This complex has something for everyone! From the toddler-friendly 0.3 meters up to 1.5 meter deep, there are interconnected pools that cater specifically with your child's needs and abilities - some even offer aquativity features such as squirting spouts or stepping stones so they can have fun in this water friendly environment while still learning about swim safety.

The Lagoon is a great place for people in wheelchairs or with disabilities because it has public toilet facilities and wide paths that are accessible. There's also plenty of space around the water where kids can play safely on their own without getting too close to traffic accidents happening just outside picnic shelters located near-by under shade trees so they won't be dehydrated during long days spent inside playing games while Mommy enjoys some much needed relaxation!

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One local company in Ipswich that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Ipswich Decking

Address: 7 Limestone St, Ipswich QLD 4305

Telephone: (07) 3555 8933