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When is it necessary to have an emergency roof repair done?

Apr 29

When is it necessary to have an emergency roof repair done?

By Marietta Roofing


Sometimes it is necessary to have emergency roof repairs done. Roof problems are not going away on their own. Roof problems, especially when they are accompanied by water, only get worse over time.

It is important to know that emergency roof repairs are necessary for any problem that may affect your home or commercial property. With that being said, there are some important red flags you need to immediately call a roofer to schedule a repair.

When is it necessary to have an emergency roof repair done?

If you have a roof emergency, most likely your roof needs to be repaired immediately

  • Look out for a leak on your roof
  • See damaged or missing shingles
  • Failure to flash around chimneys valleys wall junctions and pipe boots.

You can prolong your roof's lifetime by having a contractor inspect it as soon you notice problems. In fact, making repairs could save you thousands of dollars on roof replacement.

Let's take an in-depth look at each of them and explain why we need emergency roof repair.

Roof leaks

Leaks do not get better; they only get worse. Water damage can be severe, even though you may only see a portion. Water can seep into walls, damaging insulation and board that holds your home together. It can also cause irreparable damage that you don't notice until too late. Water can cause wood to turn brown, penetrate drywall and ultimately cause your roof to collapse.

Call a contractor immediately if there is a roof leak, or you are able to see the symptoms.

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Missing or damaged shines

You could let water in your home through missing or damaged roofing shingles. Water and other roofing materials won't mix. That's why your roof should be watertight. The moisture can cause irreparable damage to your home. You should also be aware of active leaks which could allow water into your ceilings and walls. Both mold and mildew are serious health hazards. This is why you should replace any missing, broken, or damaged shingles as soon as possible.

Failing Flashing, or lifted

Flashing is a thin material, typically made of galvanized metal but can also be made from other metals or materials. It directs water away to the roof's most important areas. It's usually found where the roof plane meets a vertical structure such as walls, dormers, or dormers. It's also used to cover roof features, such as vents or skylights.

Its function is to direct water away. This means it should not be removed. If the flashing appears to be deteriorating, rusted, or missing, water can enter your home. This means that you will need emergency roof repairs to prevent further damage.

Do You Need Emergency Roof Repairs?

If water is seeping through your roof, it's an emergency. Call a professional contractor immediately to arrange a complimentary roof inspection. Your inspector will identify any issues and give you solutions to keep your roof from falling apart completely.


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