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The 5 Types & Types of Plumbing pipes

Apr 16

The 5 Types & Types of Plumbing pipes

Different types can be used for different purposes, including carrying water to your kitchen faucets and delivering wastes to your sewage systems. These drainage and delivery systems have existed since antiquity. The Greeks used clay pipes as water transportation to get to their homes and to public buildings. Material like cast iron, galvanized steel, and terracotta gained popularity in the first decade of the twentieth century.

Our understanding of lead poisoning grew as well. There are many kinds of pipes that can be found today. Each one serves a particular purpose. This includes PVC (PEX), ABS, copper, galvanized, and cast iron piping. Learn more from the information below.

The 5 Main Types Of Plumbing Pipes For Your Home Plumbing System

1. PVC Pipes

These pipes, also known as polyvinylchloride pipes (PVC), are often used to connect a sink, toilet, or shower drain. The plastic tubing, which is made from PVC, protects the water better than any other type of pipe. PVC pipes are also extremely durable. PVC pipes last forever unless they are damaged.

PVC pipe can also withstand high water pressure. This makes it a good choice to serve as your main water supply. It is lighter than traditional galvanized-steel piping and therefore easier to handle. PVC pipes also have an inner lining that is smooth, which helps prevent sediment buildup and blocks more easily.

PVC pipe comes with some disadvantages, such as limited size options and the inability of it to withstand hot waters. There are also concerns about its toxicity. PVC pipes meet all standards established by the American National Standards Institute. But, there are concerns about PVC pipes introducing polyvinyl chlorine chemicals into drinking waters, which could lead to respiratory and reproductive problems. PVC plumbing pipes cannot be used for water transportation in certain states.

2. PEX Pipes

Also known as PEX or cross-linked plastic ethylene, PEX piping is a cheap plastic tubing, which is used to supply water lines. It prevents rust and corrosion in the water, much like PVC piping.

PEX pipes remain a favorite among professionals due to their flexibility and ability to pass through walls, ceilings, or crawl spaces. They can withstand high water pressures. The cross-linked polyethylene pipeline is color-coded for hot/cold water. This makes it easy to recognize and organize when is on the job.

3. ABS Pipes

Acrylonitrile butadiene butylene (ABS), the pipe is similar in appearance to PVC pipes but easily identifiable by their black color. Acrylonitrile styrene can also withstand cold temperatures. It is most commonly used to vent and drain lines.

Although it is very easy to install, this kind of plumbing pipe can warp in direct sunlight. ABS pipes are louder than other types, which can create disturbances among homeowners.

4. Copper Pipes

Copper pipe has long been a fixture of the plumbing industry. This plumbing pipe is durable enough to last for up to 50 years and can be found in bathtubs, sinks, and other fittings in new and older homes. Copper pipes are a popular choice for homeowners and plumbers because they are resistant to corrosion.

Copper pipes are capable of handling high water pressure and can tolerate both hot and cold water temperatures. It's also able to be recycled, making it a somewhat environmentally-friendly option.

These are just a few of the drawbacks. Copper piping can't be used in tight spaces due to its rigidity. It is also the most pricey type of plumbing pipe. The cost of projects involving copper pipes will rise with the rising price of copper.

5. Cast Iron and Galvanized Steel pipes

Galvanized steel and cast iron pipe are seldom used in new construction. They are however common in homes built during the 20th century. Cast iron pipes are extremely durable and still used in water distribution systems.

Cast iron pipes were often used for draining purposes or as sewer pipes. They are heat-resistant and have a low sound volume, which is what made them so popular.

The cast-iron pipe is vulnerable to rusting and corrosive. The pipe will become less able to supply clean water and will start to rust over time. These types of pipes were mostly replaced by copper pipes or PEX pipes for residential plumbing repairs.

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