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How to hire a Restaurant Manager?

Apr 10


The ability you have to hire restaurant manager will determine your success as a restaurant proprietor. The most important aspect of selecting the right person for the job is dealing with people efficiently and solving issues quickly and efficiently in a chaotic setting. You will also need to be able to listen to and evaluate candidates.


1. The ideal manager is defined. Consider the qualities that you must possess to be a good leader. These include being able to lead in your interpersonal relationships, maintaining a smooth kitchen during rush hour, and being able to think clearly in the face of pressure. Restaurant Voice says that you should be able detect problems in advance and avoid them from happening. It is essential to have someone who can fulfill the various roles of restaurants, from hosting and waiting to tables to cooking.

2. Advertise your job posting online as well as in local papers. Your job description must include specific information about your qualifications, such as how many years of experience you've had in food service, your ability to prepare and plate meals, oversee staff, and order food. Additionally, you will need to ask for resumes.


3. Resumes should reflect the job you are seeking to get as a manager for an establishment. Interviews should be conducted within the hour, allowing them time to read resumes and prepare for the next.


4. Ask your interviewees questions in advance. You can ask your interviewees questions ahead of time to let them share their experiences. These scenarios should mirror the most frequent problems encountered in the restaurant industry, such as conflicts between employees, delayed deliveries, complaints from customers, and delayed shipments. Find out how the applicant manages the paperwork and staff schedules adheres to safety rules, keeps the company's records, and much more.


5. Pay attention to the answers of your candidates. Don't let yourself get distracted. Interview your applicants about their restaurant management experience. Discuss their experiences in handling issues like inadequate food quality, under or overcooked food, as well as staff quarreling over tips and the number of tables. You can take notes when they talk so that you'll remember the key elements when you compare candidates.


6. Be aware of each candidate's background. The experience in running restaurants is important for the person in charge of your business. It is essential to have someone who is able to walk into your restaurant and take care of everything, from washing dishes, to cooking. It is important to have someone who can understand the demands of the job and will give instructions without being asked.


7. Request references from former employees. Ask the previous employees if they would be willing to hire the candidate again. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and what they accomplished in their previous jobs. To get specific examples, ask for references that show the way in which the individual handled his responsibilities when managing restaurant issues like temperature, lengthy waits, customer service, scheduling shifts for busy times, and keeping the restaurant in readiness for safety and health inspections.


8. Each applicant must be assessed by their capacity and willingness to carry out the principal job of the manager of the restaurant. Think about how they think and react under pressure, supervise others, and follow your instructions.


9. The candidates who are selected should be taken on a dinner tour. They are the ones that impressed you the most during the interview. Begin by allowing them to talk with your employees. Then, as you lead them through your facility take note of their confidence and behavior.


10. Examine each candidate's strengths and weaknesses. Based on the interview, resume , and behavior during the tour, you'll select the one most closely matches your needs for the position of manager.


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