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Barron Falls

Feb 11

About Barron Falls

The Barron River is a powerful force that has been carved through layers of rock to create one incredible waterfall. The view from its lookout in Kuranda, known as Barron Falls, provides guests with an awe-inspiring perspective on this natural wonder and gives them access not only to photography but also hiking trails leading down into the gorge where you can find waterfalls like no other.

One of the most impressive waterfalls near Cairns is Barron Falls. With almost Niagara-like force, this 250-meter long waterfall crashes down into a deep narrow valley inlet with great scenery all around it to make for an incredible hike up close and personal at viewpoints along your journey. The short but scenic journey will bring you face value against nature's might as well enjoy being immersed within such grandeur before heading back home again - takeaway point: there’s always something new waiting just beyond our sightlines when we take time off work.

The Skyrail Cableway is by far the best way to experience Barron Falls. It's also one of our most convenient options for exploring this World Heritage Listed rainforest and all that it has in store! The scenic 7-km journey will take you over an hour up high while giving your eyes plenty of time to get accustomed to what lies below - including breathtaking views such as those visible nowhere else on earth than right here.

What To Do At Barron Falls

The views from the suspension bridge are captivating, as you stand high above both forest floors. It's easy for wheelchair users to explore this walkway which winds through lush rainforest and open eucalyptus groves before reaching Din Din Barron Falls lookout spotlights

The beauty of Barron Falls is unmatched, and you can enjoy it from both up-close views at the lookout or far away ones when driving through this area. In wet months be enveloped in a cloud mist as these falls thunder down below; however, if we are talking drier times then make your way over towards where there's nothing but scenic water-sculpted rocks surrounding them on all sides.

Watch the gondolas glide high above your head as you walk below. Twice each day, enjoy a ride on this breathtaking cableway and then stop for some delicious food at one of two restaurants located right next door! The first thing that will catch everyone’s attention once they arrive into town is definitely how beautiful it looks with all these flowers everywhere making everything smell wonderful too - but make sure not to get too close together because there's a thinks line just past where we entered which could be dangerous if crossed without realizing.

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