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Bouddi National Park

Feb 2

About Bouddi National Park

The beautiful  Bouddi National Park offers spectacular landscapes - from beaches and steep cliffs through to rainforest and heathland. Located on the Central Coast near Gosford, north of Sydney this national park is a must for nature lovers who want get close with their environment while also enjoying some peace away from city life! Make sure you visit any time during your stay because there's always something new waiting around every corner: whether its swimming at Little Beach or hiking up Putty Hill as soon becomes apparent when exploring all that these amazing.

Marie Byles, a conservationist and explorer who grew up on the Central Coast is responsible for creating one of Australia's most iconic parks. The Bouddi National Park covers over 1 500 hectares with an extension into Tasman Sea which protects land as well marine habitats from Palm Beach all way down to Sydney CBD.

The Park is a haven for wildlife and plants. It has three broad categories of vegetation, including heathland with eucalyptus trees in the south-east section which attracts birds that stop over on their journey northwards or vice versa; forested area to its north containing tall palms open woodlands filled stops along waypoints such as riversides where fish can drink more easily than freshwater ones do so close inland but not near saltwater beaches because they would be affected too much by changes due distance between tides etcetera - lastly there's grassy paddocks just outside all major settlements accessible via road networks and gleaming white sand pathways winding through carefully manicured gardens.

What To Do At Bouddi National Park

The Allen Strom Lookout offers scenic and panoramic views over Hardys Bay, Brisbane Water or anything else you can see from up there. The 2 km walk through bush is also very easy - great for kids as well! You'll be glad to know that parking isn't an issue either: simply drive down Wards Hill Road until it dead ends into Maitland Drive then take either side towards Rocky Point trailhead where cars are allowed on weekends only due t would say though- not one of our most spectacular walking tracks but definitely worth checking out if your looking forward doing some cycling.

What is the best way to spend a day in Bouddi? As much as I love exploring this little town, it can get really crowded during my favorite time of year (weekends). So for our last trip here together—I choose an activity that will take us away from other people and offer some privacy. The Maitland Bay Track may be one such hike - though not easy by any means-and if tackling fresh air with nature sounds isn't your idea of fun then head down towards Beach Point instead!

This walk on the beaches of Bouddi National Park will be one for your bucket list. You can enjoy 8 kilometres (3 miles) worth quiet beaches, lookout points and panoramic ocean views as you hike from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach along this classic Central Coast track! The best part? There are three smaller sections: Macmasters down by Little Bay; then continue with another 4 kms until we reach Maitland Side - where that famous Gerrin Point stands watch over Bullimah Beaches.

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