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Jan 29

The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Home Renovation

A home improvement project can seem daunting, especially if this is your first attempt. There are many factors to take into consideration, no matter how big or small.


These are the stages and suggestions for home renovation planning. Use them to help you prioritize and plan your home. This will allow you to stay within your budget and timeframe, while also reducing stress.


5 Steps to Plan a Remodel


1. Create a plan for your home renovation project.


First, you must create a plan for your home remodeling Houston. This should include both creative inspiration and a breakdown of the work required. In your project plan, you should include the following:


  • These are the blueprints and sketches for your final project.

  • A list of all the requirements and wants for your project.

  • There are two types of steps in a project: those that can be done by a layperson or those that require the help of a professional.

  • Check your local zoning restrictions to see if you are allowed to do so at this stage. To determine if your renovation is allowed in your area, (certain renovations such as garage conversions are not allowed in all areas) and if you will need a permit. A permit is required if your project will affect the structure of your house or the use and enjoyment of a space. Wait until you've hired your team and set a timeline for the project before applying for permits.


When to Begin: Six to twelve months before your project starts.


2. Make a budget.


Next, you need to decide on your budget and financing options for home renovations. You should include costs for permits, building materials, labor, decorations, and other expenses.


Follow these steps to create a budget:


  • Confirm your financial situation and determine your budget. For unforeseen expenses, reserve at least 10%.

  • You can get pricing estimates from professionals.

  • Calculate the costs of all necessary materials.

  • To eliminate items that aren’t essential, if your cost estimates exceed your budget use the home improvements project plan you created in Step 1. Ask for estimates from multiple contractors to help you choose the right solution for your budget.


When to Begin: Between three and six months prior to the start of your project.


3. Use subcontractors


You will then need to hire your crew for your home improvement project. You shouldn't just base your contractor selections on their pricing estimates. These are some of the factors to consider when interviewing or selecting contractors.


  • An experienced contractor is more likely to succeed than someone new to the industry.

  • Contracting license: Check that your contractor has passed all necessary steps to be issued any certifications relevant to their line of business.

  • Contractors should have the right workers' liability and workers' compensation insurance for the job that they do.

  • References: Call the references you have asked for. This is a fantastic way to ensure your contractor isn't just a paper tiger.

  • Payment schedule: A good contractor won't ask for payment in full before the work begins. The Better Business Bureau cautions against this. It is crucial to negotiate payment terms before the construction starts. Sometimes it is better to pay more for someone you know.

  • Use this checklist to help you hire contractors.


When to start: 2 to 3 months before your start date.


4. Set a timetable


Once you have your budget in place, it is time to start putting together your remodeling timeline. You can choose a date that you prefer, or work backward if you wish to finish it by a particular date.


When you can start: 2 to 3 months before your start date.


5. Get ready for home renovations by packing and prepping.


Once you have finished your home project planning, prepare the area. You can also make arrangements to prevent it from being used while it is being built.


It all depends on how much work is being done. You might consider remodeling your kitchen. Make a kitchen-dining area and a small kitchen, then get rid of all the dishes. Do you wish to renovate the master bedroom? Find storage space and new sleeping arrangements for your stuff. Consider moving to another place if you plan on doing major home renovations.


When to start: Start planning two to three months ahead of your start date. You can pack and move up to two weeks before you start.


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